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As companies adapt to the Fourth Industrial Revolution using modern smart technology and automation, they are turning to low code platforms (which require minimal amount of coding) for their fast development speeds, lower IT costs, and greater business agility. The majority of these low code apps are built by citizen developers on rigid platforms using relational databases which are not scalable at lightweight and enterprise levels. 

Realtime Apps has taken a different approach to low code platforms by focusing on cohesive portable apps without boundaries in design, implementation, or evolution. Our Widget Yielding Architecture (WYA) can be tuned to industry by utilizing repositories of predefined skills. These skills are extremely customizable standalone pieces of functionality that can be configured to the standards and practices of each company and tagged to any piece of data.

A complete audit trail of all transactions can also be generated effortlessly by connecting our Blockchain Communication Architecture (BCA). The BCA is a communication focused blockchain technology that features variable length, data agnostic private blockchains that are self-tuning and extremely scalable.    

This robust environment allows for the easy digitization of inspections, workflow, dashboards, sensors, real-time collaboration, and automation — a perfect fit for the industrial world of Environmental, Health, and Safety.

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End-to-end Software Solutions for Industry

Smart solutions are at the core of all that we do at Realtime Applications. Our main goal is finding intelligent ways of using technology that will provide our clients with the right tools in a fast, cost-effective manner. Our custom built solutions remove the barriers found in pre-packaged products and easily adapt to the ever changing needs of your business. 


We have a team of Subject Matter Experts that work closely with our clients and technical specialists to ensure all solutions are within compliance, follow your processes, and meet their demands.

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Low code meets Blockchain
A perfect marriage of technologies

Our proprietary Widget Yielding Architecture (WYA) is the backbone of a feature-rich low code development environment that can be tuned to an industry and offers full back-end control and an optimized user experience.


Our patent-pending Blockchain Communication Architecture (BCA) is a unique twist on blockchain that utilizes builders, crawlers, event describers, and multi-casters for lightning fast socket-to-socket communication.

While WYA and BCA can be used independently, the combination of the two provides an extremely powerful environment that is truly unmatched.

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Who are our clients?

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1700 Reese Street
Homewood, AL 35209

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