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Inspections & Automation

The days of tedious paperwork, duplication, errors, and inefficient processes are gone! Realtime Applications offers the perfect environment for the digitization of inspections, work flows, dashboards, sensors, real-time collaboration, and automation.

Sophisticated tools can be developed extremely quickly by incorporating skills that are tuned and configured to a company's standards and practices into a basic, industry-standard module.  

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Customizable dashboards and workflows are designed to client specifications to produce results-driven visualizations that dramatically enhance communication and visibility of their business.

Our teams consist of EHS professionals that work closely with our clients and technical experts to help guide them along the way to ensure all our solutions work and comply to their demands and regulatory compliance requirements.


In-depth data analysis
Actionable intelligence
Highly configurable
Benchmarks and scoreboards
Mobile device ready
Real time dashboards


In-depth data analysis
Highly configurable
Mobile device ready
Detailed transaction ledger
Real time dashboards


Streamline and standardize waste management

Create transparent waste dashboards

Track the movement of all waste using a waste transfer system

Ensure compliance

Easily identify waste streams for potential reduction


Collect data from CEMs and similar databases

Manage high frequency data input

Automatic air emission calculations

Dashboarding at all levels of an organization

Track permit requirements

Improve environmental performance and transparency


Custom checklists

Create and assign actions

Attach photos and videos

Speech to text capable

GPS coordinates

Real time dashboards


Know your carbon footprint

Track KPIs

Automate collection of utilities

Automatic calculations and trending data

Benchmark against other owned locations

Upload documents, photos, and videos


Track compliance
Track PPE inspection and review PPE
Analyze data and review risks
Assign corrective actions and drive accountability
Automate reporting
Real time dashboards


Standardize data collection
Manage water use and where its used
Automate DMRs and annual reports
Track outfalls, samples, sample data, etc.
Real time dashboards

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