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Feature-rich & fully customizable

Realtime Applications' Widget Yielding Architecture (WYA) is the backbone to our robust, highly configurable low code development environment that offers full back-end control, an optimized user experience, and enterprise scalability.


Designed to do all the heavy lifting for data-driven applications, WYA provides a complete abstraction layer that manages the data, use cases, workflow, and access control.

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Applications are generated around your data allowing for complete control, flexibility, and interactivity.


No more fitting your business to an off the shelf application with a fixed database and ad-hoc fields. Build the application and database to fit your business.


Secure socket layers, data encryption, and custom installations help ensure your data is safe and finely tuned to your requirements.

Our low-code platform can be tuned to an industry meaning it can come pre-loaded with industry-specific widgets ( such as risk cubes, fishbone diagrams, file repositories, etc.) for an off-the-shelf experience but with complete customization.


Our industrial blockchain and low code platform work seamlessly together, making blockchain as simple as using an app.


Visualize your data using a variety of dynamic charts, page views, templates, and custom reports.


A fast and stable cloud-based database gives you access to your data anytime and anywhere.


Optimized HTML5 templates provide the best look and performance whether you're using a desktop, tablet, or other smart devices.

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